Predera is a first-in-class Performance Management Platform for Artificial Intelligence

The integrated AI platform for optimizing and auto-managing your machine learning models.

Connect your data

  • Visual Data Pipeline builder
  • Dataflow Monitoring and alerts
  • Data Pipeline versioning
  • Job Scheduling
  • Data Quality

Bring your models

  • Out of box support for Tensorflow, H2O, SkLearn, SparkML
  • Model performance dashboards & versioning
  • Import existing models

Infrastructure & Cluster Management

  • Cluster lifecycle management
  • Cluster auto scaling and pooling
  • Apache / Cloudera / Hortonworks
  • GCP / AWS / Azure

Model Scoring

  • Deploy & run as Docker containers
  • Rollback and Roll forward between versions
  • Access via REST API
  • Model usage analytics
  • Scale and manage using Docker orchestration tools

Our Tech Stack

Predera AIOps Platform provides end-to-end capability to build and operationalize your AI models in less than 2 weeks.

The architecture is open and adaptable so that the technologies upstream and downstream can change. We run it in your own on-prem data center or deploy it on AWS, GCP or Azure to leverage native cloud services.

Model Monitoring & Insights

  • Data drift detection
  • Feature and class drifts
  • Outlier & Noise detection
  • Reporting & Alerting

Fix, Escalate, Learn

  • Model fitment management
  • Auto-retrain workflows
  • Noise suppression and model regression
  • Automatic version upgrade or downgrade¬†
  • Human-in-the-loop workflows
  • Learn from expert inputs to re-optimize models

Need help to optimize your AI and ML efforts?