Accelerate Model Deployment and Management for any cloud

Manage Machine Learning Projects with Confidence with automated MLOps solution auto-scaling to machine learning needs on any cloud platform starting from experimentation, single-click deployment to visualizing business insights by continuously monitoring model performance and resource consumption 

MLOps Solution

Multi-cloud Support

Build and Deploy Machine Learning pipelines either on cloud, hybrid or on-premise

Model Management

Model Registry & Version Control Machine Learning models with automatic logging


End to End MLOps with reusable deployment, monitoring templates and automatic scheduling

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Scaling AI efforts across Industries

We offer fully automated and reproducible ML lifecycle workflows with one-click deployment and monitoring for bias and model explainability by following strong governance and best practise

Embracing an AI-first approach

We reduce costs by at least 40% compared to turnkey ML solutions provided by Public Clouds and mitigate vendor lock-in with our cross-cloud hybrid cloud support

AI success kit for Data Scientists

We enable business, data engineers and data science teams to collaborate in the most efficient way to build, deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning models

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MLOps Solution

Dynamically learning Model Pipelines for enterprises & SMEs

Cost-effective Machine Learning Solution for business growth and minimal maintenance and support

Transform data into valuable insights with continuously improving Machine Learning models supported by our proprietary MLOps solution (AIQ)

Reduce time to market  and increase ROI with our secure, readily available ML solutions for Healthcare, Pharma, Retail & FinTech 






Making Healthcare more accurate and affordable by curing patients at faster pace than ever before at a fraction of the cost
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re-imagine & re-invent your business

With Predera's AI-expertise

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Realize Business Value

Expertize in Data Engineering with experience working in Big Data projects cleaning and transforming data into meaningful insights

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Reduce cost

Support for multi-cloud deployment and resource monitoring enables business to be cost-effective by choosing affordable infrastructure

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Onboard Faster

Empower business by faster onboarding of Data Science projects with unified dashboard for building, deploying and monitoring

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Improve ROI

Increase revenue with scalable MLOps solution and continuously improved algorithm powered with monitoring model performance

Data Engineering

Data is the foundation of every decision

Enrich, Visualize and Grow with Data Service
Transform data into trusted asset improving data usability
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End to End Machine Learning Service

Build & Automate Reproducible Workflows
Continuously improve algorithms by automating end to end ML workflows
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Reduce friction to push models to production

Avoid Vendor Lock-In and reduce cost drastically
Scalable MLOps service supporting multi-cloud platform
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Our Partners Make Us Look Good

We work with data, machine learning, and cloud partners to provide the best experience to our customers.

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We are here to truly “democratize AI”. Machine learning companies today have been focused on helping with building AI models, but in order to truly democratize AI and make it truly accessible to everyone, companies need to be ready to also ‘manage’ AI, not just build it. The AI talent gap is real, and we will help address it by reducing the dependence of expert engineers in managing AI systems.

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