AIQ Products Overview

Automated MLOps Solutions

Predera AIQ - intelligent automation tool for machine learning teams to drastically cut down on the challenges faced today in building, deploying and managing machine learning models. AIQ provides a command center view of all your ML models in one place to improve the visibility and decision making for leadership. Build, Deploy and Monitor Machine Learning Projects with minimum effort and low cost by automating end to end MLOps solutions.

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Data Scientists

Seamless integration with data engineering layer and building models with automatic logging with just 2 lines of code 

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ML Engineers

Single click deployment transforming  Machine Learning Models into APIs with the automated MLOps solution

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Unified Dashboard for Data Scientists, MLOps and Business team to visualize the performance of models

Automated Machine Learning Solution

Machine Learning Solution from development to production in one place for Data Scientists, MLOps and Business to track the progress of Machine Learning projects

Machine Learning Monitor


Never lose another AI/ML experiment, artifacts, metrics, lineage. We collect it all - seamlessly irrespective of programming languages so your team can collaborate better.


Smart ML solution transforming your experimental models to deployment at scale on different cloud infrastructure with a single click


Monitor models in production in a reliable, scalable and explainable way so your Data Scientists spend less time debugging


Unified Dashboard with model insights with human in loop actions for fixing issues in production

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We are here to truly “democratize AI”. Machine learning companies today have been focused on helping with building AI models, but in order to truly democratize AI and make it truly accessible to everyone, companies need to be ready to also ‘manage’ AI, not just build it. The AI talent gap is real, and we will help address it by reducing the dependence of expert engineers in managing AI systems.

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