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Build, Deploy, Monitor Machine Learning models with minimum effort and low cost

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Seamless Integration

Build Models using any ML stack. Get automated experiment logging and versioning by adding just 2 lines of code. Easily integrate with your data management environment. Deploy your models on cloud or on-premise with a single click. Integrate deployed models securely with your business apps using gRPC or REST API.

Experiment with Ease

Automatic Version Control | Artifact & Metadata Management

Automatic recording of the model artifact with the ability to download or 1-click deploy anytime.

Reproducible experiments with automated logging of experiment metadata (library, algorithm, infra, etc), hyperparameters, train/test datasets, and training performance metrics with no coding effort.

Deploy Effortlessly

Pre-configured Deployment enables ML teams to benefit from single-click deployment so they can focus on improving the model by experimenting with different algorithms and ML libraries without spending time in deploying models and worrying about infrastructure management.

Unified Monitoring

Model Performance Insights | Resource Usage | Alerts

Unified Dashboard for Business, Data Scientists and ML Engineers to improve business as One-Team.

We power Data Scientists with continuous model performance insights to improve their models. Automatically scale model deployments based on resource consumption (CPU/GPU & Memory) and traffic.

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