By: Anu Ganesan

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Detecting pilferage and leaks for Oil & Gas Industry
October 31, 2019

About the Customer Healthcare Provider ($5B+ market cap) Consistently ranked under top 15 providers in the US In North America with…

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Marketing Campaign Optimization using Big Data and Machine Learning
October 30, 2019

Learn how we optimized marketing campaign for our e-commerce customer with over 23 million customers

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Machine Learning-Based Diagnostics – A Case Study of Asthma Prediction
October 30, 2019

Asthma kills around 1000 people every day and affects as many as 339 million people – and prevalence is rising. One…

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AutoML The Good Bad and Ugly
October 28, 2019

Data Science is progressing steadily in every sector, such as healthcare, pharma, retail, education, fashion, agriculture, etc. The increase in the…

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Why AI is challenging in Healthcare?
October 23, 2019

AI is revolutionizing every industry and in particular healthcare. Even though with many AI inventions and a multitude of startups aiming…

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