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StreamSets VS Apache NiFi
May 15, 2018

Enterprises of today are having to deal with ever-increasing size of data sources and variety of data, putting greater emphasis on…

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Speed up Hive data retrieval using Spark , StreamSets and Predera
December 21, 2017

In this blog, we will focus on building a data pipeline to perform lookups or run queries on Hive tables with…

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IoT and AoT
April 8, 2017

Image source: http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450304522/Australia-adopts-British-internet-of-things-framework What is IoT? Internet of Things is now being regarded as the biggest revolution in technology space after…

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Predera Platform
April 3, 2017

A Data Management and Machine Learning Platform Predera Technologies is a Big data and Machine Learning company building AI solutions for…

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Time Series Analysis
December 5, 2016

How do we explain the graph of a time series data, like the movement of stock price? Can we fit a…

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