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Image recognition with Deep Learning (CNNs)
November 8, 2016

Image recognition Image recognition is the process of detecting and identifying an object or a feature present in images or videos,…

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How to convert Lost Deals into Sales using Machine Learning?
October 8, 2016

Let’s examine how to convert lost deals into sales using Machine Learning. CRMs (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot or any from top…

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Predictive Analytics is Not Enough
April 28, 2016

Predictive Analytics is not enough as it has become the poster child of BigData. Today, there is hardly an industry or…

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Machine Learning to improve Sales and ROI
April 8, 2016

Salesforce automation systems and broadly Customer Relationship Management systems have become indispensable for effective tracking on sales teams. Every sales organization…

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Who Is a Data Scientist ? What are their roles and responsibilities?
April 8, 2016

Many wonder “Who is a Data Scientist” and what constitutes their roles and responsibilities. Being a new introduction of the past…

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