• AI for Financial Services

    Our solutions bring data to finance and apply Machine Learning for better predictions. Be a part of breakthrough revolutions in fintech.


Non-Traditional Financial Data Analysis

With changing landscape of finance and the need for averting yet another unforeseen collapse of markets, bankers and financial actors have resorted to big data for a comprehensive picture of the Customer. This involves collecting real-time streams of data from various sources and stitching it together to build models of ‘risk’ that address the objectives of marketplaces or banks.

Credit Risk Modeling

Our Credit decision algorithm is built on top of our Predera Platform ingesting data from social media, demographics, census, transactional data from marketplaces. We have leveraged state-of-art deep learning algorithms to improve decisions and yet explain the decisions with simpler ensemble models.

Behavioral Micro-segmentation

Users conduct their business across several properties on the internet. Our platform helps stitch all the data in real-time and clusters users into micro-segments leveraging criteria such as spend, behavioral analysis and voice of customer to improve and personalize all forms of customer outreach.

Be a part of breakthrough revolution in fintech.