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Interview with Vadim Kutsyy

Distinguished Architect & Head of Strategic Machine Learning Enablement, PayPal. What’s your background and how did you get into Data Science? I am responsible for architecting high-performance AI systems with a deep understanding of underlying data in PayPal. Along with statistical modeling, I combine statistics and data science to provide



Interview with Padmini Janaki

What is your background and how did you get into Product Management? I studied visual communication and started my career as a user experience designer. It is my passion for people that has driven me into problem-solving and eventually product management. How can I make a product better? I was


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Interview with Parul Pandey

Can you share your story about becoming a Data Science evangelist? I graduated in 2009 with a degree in electrical engineering and joined a power distribution industry in India called Tata Power. My work mostly consisted of crunching electronic meters and network data and predicting power outages. It was all


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Interview with Dr. Pawandeep Kaur Bollinger

Having graduated in Medical Clinical Science and Human Genetics, Could you please share your experience entering into clinical research? After obtaining a Master’s degree in Human genetics (Honors) in India, my interest was to continue learning further in medical sciences and it led to pursuing a doctoral degree in Human
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We are here to truly “democratize AI”. Machine learning companies today have been focused on helping with building AI models, but in order to truly democratize AI and make it truly accessible to everyone, companies need to be ready to also ‘manage’ AI, not just build it. The AI talent gap is real, and we will help address it by reducing the dependence of expert engineers in managing AI systems.

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