About the Customer

Vice President- Marketing

eCommerce ($20m+ revenue)

Second largest mobile loyalty app provider

In North America with over 23 million customers 

Our customer partners with various retail companies to help them promote their products.

The Pain point 

– Lack of understanding of user profile leads to inefficient targeting

– Hundreds of campaigns are run daily and data aggregation and analysis is tedious 

– Insight extraction and provision to stakeholders is delayed, thereby hurting visibility and impedes ability to optimize campaigns on the fly 

What is their Tech Stack 




Google Cloud Ecosystem

Compelling Event (Trigger point)

– Reduce the manual efforts invested by operations team in analyzing campaigns

– Utilize big data acquired to its fullest extent

Predera Support

Big Data Analytics

– Context driven demographic analysis- to target the right audience

– Market basket analysis- to formulate effective business strategies by understanding customer purchase behaviour

– Opportunity index- to understand the factors that foster opportunity

– Campaign performance metrics

Automated Insight Extraction

– Design standard reports that give 360 degree view about all dimensions, thereby reducing the time and efforts involved in development of adhoc tailored reports.

– Row level security- Ensuring right information delivered to the right audience.

– Ensure hassle free maintenance.

– Automation of report sharing.

Business Impact

Our marketing optimization solution drastically reduces time to insight, thereby allowing stakeholders to react in a timely fashion to optimize campaigns for higher revenue and ROI

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