Predera MLOps is the smartest workflow and deployment manager for Artificial Intelligence models

Works with all clouds and container platforms

Connect your data

  • Visual Data Pipeline builder
  • Dataflow Monitoring and alerts
  • Data Pipeline versioning
  • Job Scheduling
  • Data Quality

Scoring & Production

  • Deploy as microservices and auto-scale 
  • Access via REST API and gRPC
  • A/B Testing, Canary, Blue-Green
  • Rollback and Roll forward between versions
  • Model usage analytics

Building Your Model

  • Support for Tensorflow, H2o, Scikit, Keras, PyTorch
  • Multiple environments (JupyterHub, Polyaxon, Zeppelin)
  • Experiment tracking and management
  • Scalable distributed training
  • Workflow management for re-training

Infrastructure Management

  • On-prem or Cloud GCP / AWS / Azure
  • Cluster lifecycle management
  • GPU, TPU support and Pre-emptible
  • Git, CI/CD Integrations; Security Integration

Build, Deploy, Manage

  • Model fitment management
  • Auto-retrain workflows
  • Noise suppression and model regression
  • Automatic version upgrade or downgrade 
  • Shadow and Canary model workflows
  • A/B Testing Setup

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